Saturday, February 21, 2009

The Two Kates: a Winslet v. Winslet Smackdown

Some tricky maneuvering allowed Kate Winslet to win in both categories at the Golden Globes, creating a 1-1 tie between her performances in The Reader and Revolutionary Road. As a tie-breaker, I have developed the TIBT Acting Rating System (TIBTARS). The TIBTARS rates actors in four categories, as follows:

Transparency: (10 points max.) actor's ability to convey emotion clearly
Invisibility: (10 points max.) actor's ability to disappear into the role
Bravery: (8 points max.) risk-taking (ie. playing ugly or unappealing people)
Transformation: (7 points max.) (ie. weight gain or loss, bulking up)

Here are Winslet's and Winslet's scores:

As you can see, if you are reading this blog with a magnifying glass, the winner is Winslet! Holocaust Kate beats Suburban-Angst Kate, 30-28!


  1. I would be happy in my life to get points deducted for "too-perfect body" - although not if I had to be a Nazi war criminal, I suppose. However, I take issue with the calculation methodology of the TIBTARS that allows the comment of "meh" to stand in the transformation column. Faithful readers of this blog hold the author to higher standards :)

  2. "Meh" is the standard translation for: "does looking a little like Madonna count as a transformation?" Not that there's anything wrong with looking like a blonde Kate Winslet!