Monday, February 23, 2009

Oscars Oscars

Some new award categories!

Best Pavlovian parenting moment: Mr. Winslet's instant response to his daughter's plea for a signal.(watch from 1:30 on)
Best Singing Performance: Anne Hathaway, beating out Beyonce and Queen Latifah
Best Bored Face: the redhead sitting in front of all the Slumdog people (he turned out to be part of Melissa Leo's posse)
Most Sincere Reading of Scripted Lines: Shirley MacLaine praising Anne Hathaway
Best Tux (Besides Daniel Craig): Zac Ephron (sue me, I liked the clean look)
Best Dress: Marisa Tomei, and Taraji P. Henson tied with Amy Adams
Most Mystifying Dress: Sophia Loren, who seems to have missed the memo that she is culturally obligated to be stylish

What else? Got any other awards? Disagree with some of the winners here?


  1. Disagree. Sophia is culturally obligated (by virtue of being both Italian and a movie star) to be over the top. I think she met that standard. Completely agree on the Ann Hathaway singing chops and Shirley MacLaine reading chops.

  2. On further consideration, Marisa Tomei was double-robbed--of her Best Supporting Actress Oscar, and of my award for Best Dress. I've added her to the list. The gown's a bit like origami, but it works.