Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Language Rant 2

I admit it: I sometimes watch America's Next Top Model--but of course only if it's already on when I walk into the room. In the ritual that concludes each show, Tyra Banks stands solemnly before the dwindling (in number; they've already dwindled in size as far as they can go) contestants and intones: "The next name I'm going to call is Gloriellana"--or some equally unusual moniker. And that's it. The woman in question steps up and receives Tyra's wisdom and then falls back into line.

But Tyra still hasn't called the woman's name! When is she going to? I'm still waiting.


  1. Oh you are a stickler, aren't you? The woman is known for her looks - I'm not saying she hasn't got some smarts - I'm just saying...

  2. But this would be like an Oscars presenter saying "And the next Oscar I'm going to hand out will go to Kate Winslet." And for Kate Winslet to accept by saying "The next person I'm going to thank, in a minute, after I gather myself, is going to be my dialect coach."

    Oh, all right. I am a stickler.